/WordPress 5.9 Upgrade Recommendations

WordPress 5.9 Upgrade Recommendations

The official version of WordPress 5.9 has been officially released today, webmasters are advised to read this article before upgrading, because the upgrade of this version is quite large, and it can be said that some functions redefine WordPress. This major update version is different from the past. It is not recommended to update it immediately in the production environment, because the compatibility of many plugins or themes needs to be checked.

Site Editor for WordPress 5.9

This feature, if developed well in the future, could threaten page editor plugins like Elementor . It is conceivable that future versions of WordPress will continue to improve and supplement this function, and there are many similar block editor auxiliary plugins that are based on Gutenberg , such as: Kadence Blocks , Qubely , GenerateBlocks , etc.

So if your theme/plugin is not friendly enough for Gutenberg or some feature-in-site editor conflicts, you need to hold off on upgrading.

Completely refactored Gallery Block

The Gallery Block feature has been completely refactored in WordPress 5.9 , and if some features of the plugin are built on top of the original Gallery Block, unexpected errors may occur.

WordPress 5.9 Brand New Navigation Blocks

The old WordPress navigation was to create/edit menus in the menu function and then call the menu at the relevant location. The new version is a way of customizing the post to create a navigation block and save it in the database. It is equivalent to different navigation blocks corresponding to different menus, and also includes its layout and style.

WordPress 5.9 should be tested before upgrading

Therefore, we recommend that webmasters first conduct a comprehensive test of WordPress 5.9 on the themes and plugins used on the website in the test environment to ensure that they are correct before applying them to the production environment.