/A perfect mind map – for you who can’t do SEO external links

A perfect mind map – for you who can’t do SEO external links

A perfect mind map – for you who can’t do SEO external links

Recently, I published an article about SEO external chain series, I thought it would be very easy. Because of my understanding of SEO, I will be able to do it with ease when writing practical exercises.

But after reading it, the reader asked me a lot of very basic questions. So I reflected for a while, whether my previous expression was not clear enough or too one-sided. It may be because I stand in my own perspective and ignore that many of my readers have no concept of SEO backlinks.

So I decided to sort out the logic of the external chain for you again. By the way, my official account andKnow almostAll are updated synchronously.

The mind map that came out the day before yesterday, everyone’s feedback is not bad,

I will post what I think is worth sharing in my Ruofan reader communication group. In addition to the feedback from the exchange group, more than 20 readers have added WeChat to express their desire to get it.

I want to explain it here, because the picture is bigger and longer. I have been looking for a way to upload high-definition pictures on the Internet for a long time, but all ended in failure. If any readers know how to upload the high-definition version of the mind map, please give me some pointers, I am very grateful.

I could have published it earlier, but because I went home late today, I helped a reader with a good character and made a simple website analysis report. Because I promised yesterday to give it today, and no one can stand it without trust, so it is only now released.

External chain mind map

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