/Essentials for a Google-marketed website in 2022

Essentials for a Google-marketed website in 2022

Essentials for a Google-marketed website in 2022

This is an article I wrote a year ago. I just happened to see it, so I uploaded the website by the way and added some website content. We all know that a website is an online face of an enterprise. When a customer does not know your company, he can only use your website to judge whether your company can be trusted, whether you have the strength to cooperate, and whether the product is suitable or not.

I have seen many B2B websites do it very simply, simply uploading their own products, simple decoration on the home page, a few paragraphs in the company introduction, the news blog interface has not been updated for a long time, the entire website cannot find online communication tools, and no messages can be found. plate.

It’s like a customer going on a business trip to find a place to stay. There is a five-star hotel with you, serving tea and water, and you are just a simple hotel, and the price is the same. You are still complaining, you are so nice, why don’t customers come to you. Either don’t do it, do it well if you do it, and it’s not as difficult as everyone thinks to do it well.Below, I will take B2B websites as a column and talk about 6 aspects. Note that only websites are mentioned here, and we will put the drainage part in the next article.

1. Website speed

Whether it is direct traffic or keyword search traffic, the experience of website opening speed is essential, which is also the biggest factor affecting the bounce rate of a website. Then everyone must be concerned about how to make their website open very fast.

(1) Server distance, because our website is for foreigners, so we put the server in the United States or in the target market location. Now I see many people put the server in Shanghai, Beijing and other places, and it seems very easy to browse by yourself. Smooth, but your customers are not treated like you.

(2) Whether the performance and hardware configuration of the server can meet the requirements of your website.

(3) Website code, an overly redundant website code will also slow down the opening speed of the website. After the website is built, if there is no corresponding testing or inspection, there may be a lot of error code or redundant code, which will cause the page to be overloaded.

(4) Website special effects and pictures. If the website contains a large number of pictures and they are not compressed, this will also reduce the speed of your website. Everyone please reduce the use of FLASH special effects as much as possible, because this is a flashy thing. If you pick up sesame seeds and lose watermelon, why bother.

(5) Website videos, many people like to put company videos or social media videos on independent websites. This is not wrong, and it can give customers a better experience, but the uploaded videos must be processed. , and has a certain clarity, and the central idea expressed is closely related to your website.

Also, please don’t auto-play the video, because it will affect the speed of your website. Here are two common tools for speed measurement: ①gtmetrix ②tools.pingdom

2. Homepage and Navigation Bar

When most customers come to your website, the first thing they see is your homepage, so whether customers are willing to stay depends on whether your homepage is attractive enough.

The home page of the website from top to bottom includes: navigation bar, banner diagram, product display, about us, customer cases (not emphasized), and bottom navigation.

(1) The top navigation is recommended to be within 6: Home, about us, product, Blog/news, other, contact.

(2) It is recommended that the number of Banner images should be rotated within 4, and the size of the images should be within 100K to ensure clarity. The most important thing should be placed in the front, with a call to action, and no Chinese;

(3) There is not too much product display, mainly focusing on key products or new products. It is best to have a certain design style, and there are button links to enter the product page.

(4) Regarding the way we need to use pictures and texts to package and layout, the text may not be much, but it must be precise.

(5) Bottom navigation, which can provide customers with the site map of the website, intuitively find the content that customers want to see, including contact information, etc. A perfect bottom navigation can guide many customers.

3. About us

This page is really important for B2B sites and most customers who are interested in your product will come to this page. Pack your company with heart, and you will surely reap the rewards. I’ve seen many of my friends’ websites and this page is very simple. Probably because of occupational diseases, I occasionally ask them, and the answers I get the most are that there is nothing to write about, my company is not established for a long time, my company is not large, and so on. The following will teach you what to describe.

1. Company overview: establishment time, technical team, strength scale, number of employees, etc.

2. Company development status: It can be properly packaged here. 3. Company culture: goals, ideas, purposes, missions, visions, messages, etc., which can be presented to customers in the form of stories, because foreigners like to listen to stories.

3. Sales performance and service, etc. Then use pictures and texts to display, and add a little style design, then the content of your page will be different than others.

4. Product page

(1) The product navigation bar can be divided into product categories according to product attributes, series, characteristics, etc., and become a second-level directory; secondly, add specific product series or models to the second-level directory. the page you want to enter. Then go to the product details page.

(2) On the product details page, the product title must contain keywords, and other attributes such as the product model should be placed after the keywords; generally, the picture on the left, the picture on the right, and the corresponding parameters and advantages of the product should be listed below, and the description should be used as much as possible. Text, use less pictures, and appropriately add tables instead of pictures.The picture should use a white background as much as possible. The product accounts for 75%-90% of the picture, and the size is within 50K. On the premise of ensuring the clarity, try to compress it as much as possible without watermarks and logos. Finally, add a contact button or form at the bottom of the page. From the customer’s point of view

V. Ways of B2B Enquiry Entry

The purpose of being an independent website is for the customer’s final message, so emails, forms, and online communication tools are essential elements of a marketing website. Because it is an English website, don’t leave WeChat QR codes, etc., because that’s really helpful. low.

6. Contact us column

Some websites will set this page with a lot of information, which is not only messy, but also complicated. I think the information on this page, the simpler the layout, the better. Do not give customers too many options for contact information. It is recommended to leave only one commonly used email address. It is recommended to set Email as a required item in the enterprise mailbox form, and try not to exceed three required items.

Due to the intensification of foreign epidemics, the exhibition is difficult to carry out, and online channels will be the best way and opportunity for enterprises. Coupled with the strict compression of platform policies, it is unstoppable that the independent station will become the biggest outlet in 2022. To lay out the road of overseas trade, start from the most basic independent station.

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