/Talking about the independent station group mode and the feasibility of PBN external chain

Talking about the independent station group mode and the feasibility of PBN external chain

Talking about the independent station group mode and the feasibility of PBN external chain

This topic has been urged by readers for many times, and I haven’t had time to write it before, and it is finally released today. In fact, a large part of the topics of my articles are feedback from readers. If you in front of the screen also have knowledge you want to learn, you can contact Ruofan. As long as it is helpful to most readers, I will do my best. to write.

To this end, the day before yesterday, I specially visited a friend who I thought was a gangster. The two sides had a lot of conversations and benefited a lot.

Gossip less, the old rules, look at the outline first.

What is a station group?

Station groups, that is, one person or a team operates multiple websites in order to obtain a large amount of traffic through search engines, or to point links to the same website to improve search rankings.

PBN outer chainwhat is?

The full name of PBN is: Private Blog Network, in Chinese: Private Blog Network. Use open source platforms (such as wordpress) to build many sites and control all links to achieve the purpose of ranking for keywords, as shown in the figure below.

You can’t see that these pbn sites are not linked to each other, in order to prevent Google from finding the link between them, so that the link given at the end looks natural enough.

station group andPBNdifference

There are many types of station groups, such as ordinary station groups, which are to build many different websites and push the main website. There are also station groups that copy in batches, that is, use some tools and other abnormal means to directly copy the website, each website is the same, but this method has long been unworkable, and Google basically grasps one.

PBN is a common way in the station group, all websites are presented in the form of blogs. And it is composed of expired domain names, which is very important.

PBNHow to do external links

The definitions of some station groups and PBNs have been briefly introduced above. Next, I will focus on the practice of PBN external chains.

Buy Expired Domain Names

This step is very important, especially important. Expired domain name means that someone has registered the domain name before, but due to various reasons, the domain name has not been renewed, so it becomes an expired domain name, and at this time you can buy these expired domain names. We recommend several domain name service providers commonly used abroad:





You can find the domain name you want to buy in these places.

Domain Name Domain Name Requirements

Some people may tell you that the requirements for purchasing a domain name are Moz’s DA/PA, Majestic’s TF/CF, and Ahrefs’ DR/UR. If you don’t know what these indicators mean, you can search for them on Google or read my previous articles. .

But I think, as long as the domain name meets the following points, it will be fine

Backlinks preferably over 30 main domains (ahrefs queries)

Don’t have spammy anchor text (ahrefs query)

The website should not have a black history (web.archive.org query)

The use of these tools has also been mentioned before. Friends who don’t understand can browse the website.

Build a website

Because you need to consider the cost, you can use WordPress free themes directly, but you still need other expenses. Here I will roughly calculate a group of sites for you.

Domain name: If you buy it normally, it will cost about 20 US dollars. If you participate in the auction house, it will cost you 100-500 US dollars. We will calculate it at 20 US dollars per domain name.

Domain Name Annual Fee: $15/year

Server Fee: $40/year

Website Theme: Free

Website content: 10 US dollars / article, generally each site needs about 5 pieces of content.

A site is $115/year, and all the sites are built by yourself. If 40 sites, that’s 40*115=4600USD

Create pages and upload content

In order not to be so easy to find by Google, you need to make pages that a normal website should have, such as a contact page, an about us page, etc.​. Then you need to upload the article content, each website should have no less than 5 articles, and these articles should all be greater than 500 words.

Make external links

Select more valuable keywords, and then distribute them in various articles, waiting for Google to index.

pAdvantages and disadvantages of bn external chain


control keywords

We all know that for SEO, our external links are uncontrollable, and when you have a PBN, it becomes a controllable source of external links. All your links, all your anchor text, as long as Google doesn’t catch you cheating, you can keep using it.

quick ranking

Because you have enough websites, when you put all the backlinks of these websites into one main domain, and add your anchor text, he can make your keyword speed increase.


high risk

PBN is a black hat, there is no doubt about that. In the Penguin algorithm, it has been clearly emphasized that manipulative links are severely cracked down. Once you are discovered by Google, not only will you not be ranked, but your website will be downgraded and your keyword rankings will drop.

high cost

Last time, we briefly estimated the cost of a group of stations. In addition to these direct costs, we also have personnel maintenance costs, and it requires continuous submission.

how to identifyPBNExternal link

Check the host ip to see if all their links are on the same ip. Check tool: https://hostingchecker.com/and SpyOnWeb.com

  • Check out the website pages to see if they all have similar themes
  • Check to see if there are direct or indirect links between these sites.
  • Backlinks, expired domain names generally have many broken backlinks
  • Looking at the articles, if the indicators of the domain name are high in all aspects, but the number of articles on the website is relatively small, it is also very suspicious.

All in all, if it already meets 2-3 of those points, then you should be very vigilant

DoPBNwhat to watch out for

When you’ve got all the PBN work done, I suggest you don’t rush to use your own website first. You can go to a competitor’s website and find a keyword that ranks in the 20th-30th position. Write a highly relevant article of about 500 words, and put all the anchors of all sites on this article of his keywords. When doing all this work and so on. Wait 20-30 days.

Observe the keywords you help your competitors, if the word does not rise, but the ranking drops, then unfortunately, your PBN should not be used on your own website (most likely a domain name is not good, punished by Google) . If the keyword rises by a large margin, it means that your pbn is successful. Of course, if the ranking doesn’t fluctuate much, it means that Google has not punished you, and you can continue to be your own website.

Can you still do PBN in 2022?

After listening to me talk about the advantages and disadvantages of PBN, will you be conflicted about whether to try PBN? In my opinion, it’s highly not recommended because it can make you terrified all the time.

Of course, if you are ready to be punished by Google and can accept its punishment, then you can try it.

If you do, I’ll give you some advice at the end.

  • The number of links from each domain name should not exceed 10, and it is best to keep it within 5
  • If you do, don’t just do PBN, you need to go with other links.
  • For the selection of keywords, we can choose some keywords in the search volume as anchors.
  • The site ips should not all be the same.
  • The content of each site can make some changes
  • The link from PBN should be in the text, not the homepage
  • PBN sites are not connected to each other

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