/Teach you to register Google account and Google ads account in 5 minutes

Teach you to register Google account and Google ads account in 5 minutes

This article is mainly for most newbies. I talked about Google Keyword Planner several times before, and found that many of my friends do not have a Google adwords account, let alone use the tools in the account. Today I will teach you to register 2 Google essential accounts.

Show everyone my bookmarks before registering

google bookmarks

If you don’t have the habit of saving bookmarks before, then after you read this article, you should learn to use bookmark archives. It can easily store any of your web pages.

When you store 1 year, 2 years or even 5 years of data, you will find this is a valuable asset. And when you want to change the computer, don’t worry, the account can be logged in on any computer, of course, the premise is that you need to use the Google browser.

It’s important to keep your bookmarks organized. I have seen a lot of people save the content in a mess, and it takes a long time to find a web page, so the big category goes to the small category to the detailed web page.

Gmail mailbox registration

Google search for gmail Click to enter the registration page

The reason why many people fail to register is because the page is a Chinese page, so when entering the mobile phone number later, it will appear that the phone number cannot pass the verification, as shown below

So let’s go back to the previous step and change the browser default language to English.

Then fill in the relevant information and click Next

Press Next, you will receive a SMS verification code at this time, fill in the 6-digit information, and successfully register the gamil account.

With a Google account, we can try to understand Google adwords next. When many people sign up for a google ads account, they respond that they need to bind a website and a bank card. actually not.Now let me show you how to register a Google ads account in two minutes

Google adsRegister an account

We still use the Google account you just registered to operate. When you log in to the account for the first time, it will allow you to re-fill your mobile phone number and enter the verification code. You’re fine with this as a normal Scorpio.

After logging in to your account, enter ads.google.com in your browser to go to the login page,

Click Start now in the upper right corner to go to the google ads account registration page

This step is more important, you need to click on the switch expert mode below, so that you don’t have to follow its step-by-step process to set up an ad account.

To get to the ad account, you need to click on Don’t Create a Campaign in the bottom left.

Then set your currency, urban area, etc., choose whether you need to send you a trial of the new function, and then submit.

You’re done, then click Explore My Account.

A whole new Google ads account is out.Google ads The role of the account

What we often use is the Google Keyword Planner. You can use it to query the value of any keyword that can be used for advertising. You can also use it to query the relevant keywords of the website. And it’s all free. I wrote about this last time, and friends in need can click to read it.

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